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As restricted as we are about nudity in America when it comes to violence anything goes.

For example the MPAA will give a R to Texas Chainsaw or Saw etc... but if you put too much nudity in the movie its porn! I can look at heads exploding people eating and ripping out guts, but boobs and butts, Oh No! Let's have that censored.. Hey if a movie has a R rating it says no one under 17 permitted without parent isn't that enough. Can't adults have fun to? Or when it comes to entertainment for Adults it's all porn? Why can't Hollywood make movies that are for guys and women that are 18 and older without worrying about everyone else? Or does every movie have to be made for the whole family? Either we need more ratings or we need to have R mean for adults. Boobs aren't going to kill anyone. I understand that its embarrassing to watch nudity with your family around, so give it a rating or a genre but we need a new category other than porn.

Companies like Netflicks are putting the pressure on the big chains by not treating people like babies. (read here).

We were born with the extinct to want to mate and pass our seed. Yet from our births many of us are blinded by our parents of the nude body, like the nude body is evil.

Back on Soldiers of the Dead

Sex & violence sell and that's the bottom line. But very few mainstream movies will push the nudity factor afraid of losing their wide distribution and their R rating. And as well they would like to avoid the label of being called porn or getting a NC-17 which can limit their distribution range. But in Europe for example people see the naked body as beautiful and not evil so movies that push nudity outside the US are more acceptable by the mass audience until now. America is finally being taken over by a younger generation who isn't afraid of a little t & a and I think it's about time.

Mainstream Press

I have already began the push to critics all across the web and print. And so far the reaction has been great! Yet many of the bigger newspapers are yet to answer my emails. Are they afraid of running a story of my movie because of repercussion? We will see its still to early to say. The Internet has already exposed generations to nudity all it takes is typing nude babes or nude pics on google to find it. Hell the E channel has Playboy's Sexy Girls Next Door and its not on a 11:pm, Censored Nudity but hey its mainstream tv. Shows like Jackass, Reno 911 and many more show blurred nudity. Many late night cable shows say Fuck, Shit everything without limits on regular cable TV not HBO. I think society can handle Actiongirls Soldiers of the Dead.

Remakes VS New Ideas

Hollywood knows its better to push something with a preexisting name than to gamble on new ideas.The comic book movies are a perfect example as we have all grown up on the cartoons and the characters it's much easier to make a Spiderman movie than to create a new super hero movie. Believe me I'm not complaining I'm glad they are making these movies but I'm also aware of the business of it. Building on preexisting famous brands seems to be the way to go. But as the Internet and gaming business pull away from their profits Hollywood changes course over and over again. All they need is one billion dollar example to show investors and than everyone will be off to the races. Spending 400 million dollars on a movie seems crazy but not when they make a billion! And besides if one studio won't do it the other will!

Where are the new ideas? Remember Star Wars it was a new Idea (for the most part) a long time ago it didn't do bad.

Point above is in a world full of remakes... there is one new movie you need to see that isn't

Actiongirls Soldiers of the Dead Part 1.

Low Budget Movies are cranking in the bucks!

Movies like Saw, Dawn of the Dead Remake, Texas Chainsaw Remake, Hostel and may more are bringing in the big bucks with their smaller budgets. Finally Horror is back after being dead at the box office for close to a decade. These movies in comparison to big budgets are tiny yet percentage wise they are bringing in more money than the 400 million dollar budget blockbusters.(SAW PROFITS) So its only natural why you see a explosion of new horror movies in release. The flavour of the decade is horror and comic book movies until we see 3 to 4 big flops in a row there will be no stop to it.

Are you tired of love stories in your action movies?

Ever wonder why they are there? Because for the most part Hollywood makes movies for the majority of viewers, families etc...Hollywood doesn't really care what you want, unless your opinion is among the majority Hollywood is a business like any other business, Can we blame fast food companies for not serving steaks when they have sold billions of cheeseburgers.

Are you tired of Horror movies where you see a person searching for something with a flashlight and than suddenly a cat jumps out?

I understand the point to make people jump but the reality is how many of these 90 minute movies have 80 mins of suspense and 10 mins of action. I mean its great for the movie makers, all they need to do is spend money on 10 minutes and the rest we just need a guy with a flashlight wandering out.

Have you heard this before?

ts better to not to show the creature to much so the viewer can imaging it...

Of course that formula works but the truth more time is that the filmmaker couldn't afford to make a cool creature or they didn't finish it and they are hiding it for a reason. You don't want all the lights turned on for a bad design. And let's face it having actors stuck in a remote location and yapping all day in the same place is cheap. Its less expensive to talk about what we should do than it is to show it..... "plus it builds drama" (Famous Lines). Many people convince themselves of their bullshit even me sometimes but c'mon I'm a little tired of the people trapped in one place for 70% of the movie.

(This movie enlightens on who runs the Mpaa and how it works http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0493459/)

Mpaa ratings are found here http://www.mpaa.org/FlmRat_Ratings.asp


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