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Susana Spears BIO

Czech sensation Susana Spears is a world famous model and centerfold. Posing for Actiongirls.com, as well as Playboy and many other men's publications, Susana is extremely popular and stars in many of Scotty JX's Actiongirls.com DVDs including Volume 2, 3 ,5,6,7 and 8.

Susana and I have been working together for 7 years she is extremely marketable and sellable and is the leading star in Actiongirls Soldiers of the Dead Part 1... Scotty JX

Susana Spears STATS

Scotty JX and Susana have been working together 7 years. She is one of the most famous names on the internet today having her named typed in according to Overture (Search Engine Marketing Company) 20,000 times per month. Susana is 25 years old, naturally blonde but currently a brunette around 107 pounds 5 foot 6 with six pack stomach and fit body. Susana is serious about fitness spending 2 hours every day in the gym she is extremely disciplined and a pleasure to work with.

Susana Spears Character in Movie

Susana is captured by Helman's Death Squad and forced to compete in the Arena of Death. Susana using her good looks and smiles tricks Helman into believing that she is a bad girl and winning his side as his queen so she can escape. Susana is on the top of Adriana's hit list for the Soldiers of the Dead to destroy.

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Emily Kova BIO

5 foot 6 and Hard as Hell. Emily Kova is a stunt women in the Motion Picture business. Don't be fooled by her looks she is tough and hard as a rock. Emily enjoys all kinds of stunts but nothing more than fighting! Her father was a famous stunt driver who appeared in 100's of famous movies. Growing up around stunts Emily always wanted to be a stunt women. At age 25 Emily has a list of movies under her belt working with the Czech company IPON a international stunt company. Ipon has worked on such films as XXX, Luc Besson's Joan of Arc and Terry Gilliams the Brothers Grimm among 100's of other movies.


Emily Kova Character

Second on Adriana's to die list is Emily Kova. Emily a former police officer and Susana Spears partner. Emily knows Helman well as she was also captured and sentenced to death by beating with baseball bat. Emily wants nothing more than to see Helman's gang lose power.

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Adriana Zarcova's Bio

Adriana has been modeling for Men's Magazines for 10 years starting at 18. She is 28, blonde and 5 foot 5. Adriana a native born and raised in the Czech Republic still residing there today. Adriana stars at Actiongirls.com and had been working with Scotty JX on several Actiongirls projects for 3 years.

Adriana Zarcova Character

Helman's Black Queen and most prized possession, Adriana is the second in charge in Helman's Death Squad. Dressed in Biker/Nazi SS Apparel Adriana is as cold as she looks. Adriana wants nothing more than to kill every single female who Helman desires. Adriana is the arch enemy of the Actiongirls and leader of the Soldiers of the Dead.

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4adrianabegins055.jpg 4adrianabegins067.jpg 4adrianabegins097.jpg 4adrianabegins114.jpg 5adrianasangrymen015.jpg 5adrianasangrymen031.jpg
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Scotty JX presents.... Horrorbabe.com....NOW OPEN!

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